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Quality Assurance

The Company Enthusiastically Implants Quality Control At That All Levels To Ensure Products Are In Compliance With Highest Standards. Quality lab is equipped with the best testing and analysing equipments in order to obtain and monitor the products specification in all levels.
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Salalah Mills Co. has been audited and found to meet the requirements of standard


Salalah Mills Co. has been audited and found to meet the requirements of standard


Salalah Mills Co. has been audited and found to meet the requirements of standard


News and Events

Salalah Mills Co. conducts practical baking & cuinary Training

Salalah Mills Co. In Their Pursuit To Enhancing The Knowledge And Skills Of Their Employees As Well As Consistently Improving The Quality of their products and services
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Salalah Mills Company receives the largest shipment of grain

Salalah Mills Co. has received the largest shipment of grain in its history. 75000 tons of wheat on board vessel  ‘MV DARYA MA’ reached Port of Salalah at the end of September-2015.
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SMC conducts Awareness & Internal Auditor Training in Quality

Salalah Mills Co. in their pursuit to enhancing the knowledge and skills of their employees as well as consistently improving the quality of their products and services
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