stars – Leonardo DiCaprio

tomatometers – 9,1 of 10

Quentin Tarantino

Year – 2012

✲✲ ✻♥✱⁕×⌘★⍟↓⇩ω♧✵♡✫✱❂


✲✲ ✵☆♥✼☆✰♦✵⍟✺✵♤♠✸↟♢✺


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Obviously, Tarantino has entered the sacred realm of Writer-Directors We Dare Not Edit. A decent film made very good by the presence of Christoph Waltz – as evidenced by the fact that it dragged after he left the scene.
In short, it could’ve been a lot shorter. Tarantino’s schtick is getting a bit old – his paeans to spaghetti westerns, B movies in general and comic-book blood-splattering in particular. Despite all this, he manages to entertain which, I suppose, is all he’s after. Not a bad thing when you’re in the mood for mindless, well-crafted fun.
Let’s give Jamie, Leonardo and Samuel their due, also. They clearly had a good time and clearly got into the mood.
Bring lots of candy, lots of popcorn and don’t worry when you take your bathroom break – you won’t miss any subtle plot twists. On second thought, take a break after Waltz waltzes out. You don’t want to miss a minute of his performance.

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