Product Infomation

Packing: 25 Kg in Polypropylene Bag
Shelf Life: 6 months
Extraction: 75%
Colour of Label: Cream
Used to Prepare: Different type of Brown Bread
  • Bakers Flour

    This is a special flour to bakeries and used for the preparation of breads, buns, samoons, samosa, croissants and other scrolls.

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  • Arabic Bread Flour

    Used in bakeries to prepare Arabic bread (Lebanese)

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  • Home Baking Flour

    It is intended for home use for the preparation of various types of bread.

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  • Atta

    Atta Flour used to make most South Asian flatbreads, such as chapatti, roti, naan and puri. Most atta is milled form the semi-hard wheat varieties. It contains fibers and bran.

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  • Chakki Atta

    Used for the Preparation of high fiber bread, Omani traditional bread and popular Omani dishes. Milled by stone mills to enrich it with traditional flavor.

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  • Brown Bread Flour

    Brown Flour: Rich with filbers and bran particles. Used to make pasta and bread and some sweets as well as in traditional recipes.

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  • Semolina

    Semolina is the purified wheat middlings of wheat used in making pasta, breakfast cereals, and puddings.

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  • Harees

    Harees is produced of high-quality soft wheat Basically, a polished from of wheat, used for making the famous Arabic dish of the same name.

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  • Jareesh

    Jareesh is produced of high-quality soft wheat after Cleaned wheat grain and cut into small pieces’ consistent size. Used for making many Arabic traditional Dishes.

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