Executive Management

Professionally managed, the company adopts the best methods to produce quality products

Mr. Ahmed Alawi Abdullah Al Dhahab Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Ahmed Amer Al Shanfari General Manager
Mr. Mohammed Aqeel Ahmed Al Hadi Human Resource Manager
Mr. Masoud Salaim Suhail Al Amri CEO Officer Manager
Mr. Said Ahmed Said Banqood Administration & Public Relation Manager
Mr. Alawi Mohammed Aqeel Ba Omar Export Sales Manager
Mr. Hamid Mahad Ali Fadhil Local Sales Manager
Mr. Salim Aqil Muqaibil Purchases & Warehouses Manager
Mr. Ihap Ghanem Production Manager
Mr. Sherif Abdul Wahed Oshiba Financial Manager
Mr. Rajendra Kumar Quality Manager
Mr. Anantha Krishnan Senior Financial Controller
Mr. Vishwas Rodrigues Marketing Expert
Mr. Mohammed Salim Said Al Amri Regional Manager
Mr. Augustine Manuel Projects & Maintenance Manager